Online Entry Forms

Once you have submitted your online entry form, you will be sent a confirmation email containing a confirmation link, and details about fee payments. You will need to click the confirmation link in the email to complete your entry form. Payments are not taken online, but via direct bank deposit. Once your payment has been made, using the payment reference code provided, we will update your entry form details to reflect this payment.

Enter a Band

If your band is entering an event, you will need to enter and pay the entry fee. Once entered, you will be contacted for additional information including signon sheets, music selections, and draws.

Enter a Solo Entry

To enter a solo event, you will need to enter and pay the entry fee. Depending on the contest, some solos are prescribed pieces.

Request Player Passes (not yet released)

Player passes can be requested online. Depending on the contest, an allocated number may be available at a certain price, with any additional passes costing a different fee.